The two broad policy solutions to climate change are mitigation and adaptation. Adaptation involves lowering the adverse effects of climate change. It is a comprehensive policy, which encompasses ecological, social and economic adjustments in anticipation of climate change and its impacts.Adaptation measures could range from large scale infrastructure projects – such as the erection of dams to protect against water level rises, or improving the irrigation system to deal with droughts, to behavioral shifts such as farmers rotating crops.

SLYCAN Trust work on adaptation focuses mainly on:


National Adaptation Plans:

The national adaptation plan (NAP) process was established under the Cancun Adaptation Framework (CAF).The idea is for countries to put together and implement national adaptation policies, by addressing their adaptation needs. The plans should ideally develop strategies to address country specific adaptation needs. Read more

Nairobi Work Programme  

The Nairobi work programme (NWP) was established at  the 11th Conference of Parties in  2005,  as a mechanism under the UNFCCC to enable the development and dissemination of information on adaptation policies and practices. Read more