SLYCAN Trust focuses is advocacy work on the key themes focus of the organization: climate change, gender, social justice, sustainable development, and animal welfare. We advocate for policies, and laws that promote national and international development based on sustainable development, and social justice. The Trust also works on advocating for a more humane and a cruelty free environment for all beings and the need for reforms in law to achieve this objective.


Advocating for Sustainable Development

Multi-Stakeholder Consultation & Webinar on Climate Change

SLYCAN Trust has been working on themes related to SDGs in its advocacy work. In 2015, which was a milestone for the SDGs, SLYCAN organized a webinar, in line with the adoption of the sustainable development goals.

As there were 17 SDGs agreed upon at the UNGA sessions in September, 2015, SLYCAN prioritized its work on a few key themes that were most relevant to Sri Lanka. Read more


Meatless Monday Sri Lanka

Meatless Monday Campaign in Sri Lanka draws on the successful worldwide campaigns of Meatless Monday of which the main objective is to reduce meat consumption and raise awareness of the health, environmental and overall benefits of plant based diets. Read more