Beleaguered Biodiversity: Protecting Sri Lanka’s Unique Wildlife

By Dennis Mombauer Sri Lanka is a biodiversity hotspot with an abundance of ecosystems and many endemic species. Its animals and plants are greatly threatened by human activity and the impacts of climate change, putting the world at risk of… Continue Reading

Blue-Green Protectors: Mangrove Restoration in Sri Lanka

On the border between land and sea, a unique ecosystem covers tropical and subtropical regions around the world: Mangrove forests. Mangroves are well adapted to saline water and the tides, and they thrive along the coastlines of over 118 countries,… Continue Reading

Meatless Monday Sri Lanka in 2017

Meatless Monday Sri Lanka initiated in 2015 and has since grown leaps and bounds with the expansion of its outreach both on a national and international scale. 2017 has been a great year for Meatless Monday Sri Lanka, with the… Continue Reading

Eco-friendly Consumerism and Sustainable Development

Creating a platform for the gathering of youth-led organizations, entrepreneurs and other individuals from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), International NGOs and local groups, Peace Expo and Colombo Food Fest 2017 was able to enable a diaogue on peacebuilding, reconciliation and human… Continue Reading

Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles at #Youth4Youth 2017

SLYCAN Trust conducted a Motivational Session on Health on the 28th of November at the #Youth4Youth symposium organized by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The 4-day Youth4 Youth symposium held in Anuradhapura created a platform for youth participants from… Continue Reading

“Being meatless is important for personal as well as environmental benefits” – Chef Tora, Vegan Week 2017

By Zahrah Rizwan Chef Tora from Sweden has arrived in Sri Lanka for the Vegan Week 2017 organised by Galle Face Hotel, Colombo together with SLYCAN Trust and Meatless Monday Sri Lanka. Tora spoke today with the SLYCAN Trust team… Continue Reading