Introducing Climate Change Communication into Journalism Education in Sri Lanka

SLYCAN Trust in partnership with the Sri Lanka College of Journalism launched the first module on climate change communication for journalists in Sri Lanka on 19th September 2018. The module focuses on: Creating awareness among journalism students on climate change… Continue Reading

Meatless Monday Sri Lanka in 2017

Meatless Monday Sri Lanka initiated in 2015 and has since grown leaps and bounds with the expansion of its outreach both on a national and international scale. 2017 has been a great year for Meatless Monday Sri Lanka, with the… Continue Reading

Eco-friendly Consumerism and Sustainable Development

Creating a platform for the gathering of youth-led organizations, entrepreneurs and other individuals from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), International NGOs and local groups, Peace Expo and Colombo Food Fest 2017 was able to enable a diaogue on peacebuilding, reconciliation and human… Continue Reading

“Going vegan is the least and the best we can all do for ourselves, for others and for the planet! It is the future!” ~Sue Iruge.

Sue Iruge who is a long-time vegan is the winner of our Meatless Monday social media competition held on the 9th of June,2017.  She spoke to us on why she became a vegan, and why she thinks that it is… Continue Reading

Reduction of Meat Consumption for Climate Change Mitigatigation

By Zahrah Rizwan The specialty of the 22nd of April 2016 lies not simply in the fact that it is the Earth Day, but also because leaders from over 170 countries will officially sign the Paris Climate Agreement today. Going environmental… Continue Reading