Meatless Monday Sri Lanka & Sustainable Food Consumption and Production

Meatless Monday Campaign in Sri Lanka draws on the successful worldwide campaigns of Meatless Monday of which the main objective is to reduce meat consumption and raise awareness of the health, environmental and overall benefits of plant based diets.

The campaign is organised in collaboration with Humane Society International (HSI)  one of the key organisations working towards protecting all animals, creating a cruelty free environment for them to live in through the promotion of animal welfare across the world. In line with the work related to animal welfare in Sri Lanka, in which SLYCAN Trust plays an active role, the Meatless Monday is a project aimed at advocacy and creating awareness on the need to shift towards a plant based diet to address issues of cruelty to animals, health, and adverse impacts of climate change.

The ask of the campaign is for consumers to be meat-free one day per-week with the understanding that it benefits personal health, environment and animal welfare.

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Project duration: 2015 – to date
Project status: Ongoing
Team members involved:

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