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Iroshan Kulatunga

Manager - Web Design and Web Content

Iroshan Kulatunga, serving as the Technology Consultant at SLYCAN Trust, is a distinguished strategist with an extensive background in Full Stack Marketing, Information Technology, and Digital Transformation. As a proud holder of an MBA from London Metropolitan University and a qualified member of the British Computer Society, Iroshan skillfully bridges the gap between technology and business. His mastery over a diverse technology stack, combined with his expertise in Brand Strategy, empowers him to orchestrate impactful initiatives that resonate with organizational objectives.

Iroshan’s professional journey includes spearheading advertising campaigns and strategic initiatives for leading Blue Chip Brands in Sri Lanka. Presently, he holds the dual roles of CEO / Brand Strategist and Full Stack Marketer at Coexin Brandcom, and serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for 360 Restaurants and Resorts. His consulting work for a broad spectrum of companies in the realm of digital transformation further underscores his adaptability and unwavering commitment to harnessing technology for strategic advancement.

Iroshan’s expertise stands as a testament to his dedication to leveraging technology for strategic advancement.