Multi-actor-partnership on Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and InsuResilience

The project on multi-actor partnerships on climate and disaster risk finance and insurance in the context of the InsuResilience Global Partnership which is implemented in collaboration with Chrysalis as a local partner and funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).The envisaged overall impact of the project is that the negative consequences of disasters and climate change on the development opportunities and living conditions of particularly vulnerable population groups such as farmers in Trincomalee and Anuradhapura are reduced through effective, poverty-oriented, and equitable implementation of measures to finance resilience-building to climate and disaster risks.The most important institutional direct target groups include but not limited to: communities and people vulnerable to climate change and disaster risk; relevant actors as potential partners in multi-actor partnerships involved in the design and implementation of climate and disaster risk financing measures and civil society actors in the priority countries and at international (regional, global) level.

Addressing Climate Change and Uplifting Marginalized Coastal Communities through Mangrove Conservation

Sri Lanka is home to twenty one species of true mangroves, around one third of all mangrove species in the world. As chair of the Commonwealth Blue Charter Mangrove Ecosystems and Livelihood Action Group and through its National Mangrove Policy, the government has pledged to restore an additional 10,000 hectares of mangroves by 2030, which aligns as well with the national target of increasing the total forest cover to mitigate climate change. In addition, by providing the above-mentioned services and potential sources of livelihoods, for example in fisheries, wetland handicraft, or ecotourism, they are extremely cost-effective nature-based solutions. They can facilitate adaptation to the impacts of climate change and enhance the sustainable development of coastal areas in Sri Lanka.

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