“Going vegan is the least and the best we can all do for ourselves, for others and for the planet! It is the future!” ~Sue Iruge.

June 9, 2017

Sue Iruge who is a long-time vegan is the winner of our Meatless Monday social media competition held on the 9th of June,2017.  She spoke to us on why she became a vegan, and why she thinks that it is important not to consume meat based products.

I went vegan 4 years ago after coming across Gary Yourofsky’s famous speech on Youtube, titled “Best Speech You Will Ever Hear”. For the first time I got to know what was wrong with consuming dairy and eggs, and understood the whole reality of animal agriculture, and its effects on health and the environment. It was like a slap in the face! I could not bring myself to contribute to those industries anymore, and I went vegan! It seemed impossible at first since I was addicted to animal products, but within a few months, a whole new world I didn’t realize existed opened up for me. Eating was not a problem because anything can be veganized nowadays! My health improved drastically too!

I had the great opportunity to try out the vegan buffet at Mount Lavinia Hotel thanks to Meatless Monday Sri Lanka, and it was heavenly! Not just because it was a stunning array of delicious food, but it was one of a kind! The food was completely free of meat, eggs, dairy and other animal products- all plants! People expect vegan food to be just bland vegetables, but this buffet is proof that we can consume delicious food without harming animals, hurting the environment or jeopardizing our health!” she said.


Meatless Monday competition was organised to create awareness on the importance of going meatless and the need for a shift towards meatless lifestyle options. Two vouchers were offered for the winner to the vegan lunch buffet held at the Governor’s Restaurant at Mount Lavinia Hotel every poya day and includes a vast variety of vegan food options.

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