SLYCAN Trust’s Adaptation & Resilience Knowledge Hub provides access to information, research, and knowledge products which contribute to enhancing climate resilience and adaptive capacities at local, national, and global level. The Knowledge Hub aims to create and generate evidence and knowledge to support and facilitate evidence-based laws, policies, and actions leading to reduced vulnerabilities to climate change.

The Knowledge Hub builds on resources developed by SLYCAN Trust and its partners from across the world, and contributes to providing free and open access to a curated database of adaptation research, case studies, publications, technical documents, and other resource materials on climate change adaptation and resilience.

The Adaptation & Resilience Knowledge Hub was initiated in 2019 as part of a regional research project under the Asia Pacific Network for Global Research, and continues to be supported by different projects led by SLYCAN Trust.

For further information or to contribute to the Knowledge Hub, kindly contact us on info@slycantrust.org.