Animals and Disaster Management in Sri Lanka

April 11, 2022

Resource Type

Policy Brief



Geographical Focus

Sri Lanka

Created On :
April 11, 2022

Sri Lanka is vulnerable to the impacts of climate-related disasters, including floods, droughts, or storms. Such extreme weather events threaten not only human lives, livelihoods, and infrastructure, but also the lives and wellbeing of animals. This includes wildlife, farm animals, pets and community animals, and animals in special circumstances, such as those in captivity or in veterinary hospitals.

There is a need and an opportunity to strengthen the integration of animals and their needs into Sri Lanka's disaster management policies, plans, strategies, and processes, as well as connect them to other relevant sectors such as climate change, wildlife, farm animals, and agriculture.

This policy brief offers a starting point by outlining the relevant provisions in the current national disaster management framework and listing key needs related to animals that should be addressed before, during, and after disasters. While further research is needed, a number of key intervention areas can be identified based on the desk research, policy analysis, and key stakeholder and expert input.

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