Information Brief: Climate-Induced Loss and Damage and the Global Stocktake

June 7, 2023

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Policy Brief



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June 7, 2023

The loss and damage (L&D) theme needs to be explicitly included in the GST as a fourth pillar. Although L&D has been discussed since the drafting of the UNFCCC in 1991, it still needs to progress on climate negotiations and financial support adequately. Three decades later, the GST presents a unique opportunity to highlight on a collective level the gaps, needs, and challenges to averting, minimizing, and addressing L&D towards 2030. Worldwide, evidence-based decisions on L&D are critical to allocating the increasing means of implementation (finance, technology transfer, and capacity building) required in a warming future.

This publication has been developed as part of SLYCAN Trust's work programme on loss and damage and the global climate change fellowship programme..

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