Key Asks and Civil Society Goals for COP26: Climate Finance

February 11, 2022

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February 11, 2022

This position paper outlines key asks and civil society goals on climate finance under the UNFCCC process, which have been gathered from representatives of developing countries and civil society through stakeholder consultations as well as desk research.

Despite the pledge of developed nations to provide USD 100 billion in climate finance per year from 2020-2025, action has fallen far short of this target. Fulfilling this commitment as well as providing new, additional, and needs-based funding beyond the USD 100 billion are key and foundational asks when it comes to climate finance, as well as transparency on provision and distribution.

As climate change affects societies, economies, and the environment, it is increasingly vital to provide and enhance financial support for adaptation and loss & damage, particularly for poor and vulnerable countries, groups, or communities. In addition to ambitious mitigation action, concrete support for adaptation is needed at scale and on all levels, as well as tangible support for those most affected by climate-related loss & damage. Civil society organizations can play a key role in creating momentum to bring these aspects to the forefront of climate finance discussions and mobilize crucial support for developing countries.

This position paper is part of an ongoing research on climate change adaptation and loss & damage needs and actions for enhanced engagement of civil society in climate action and resilience-building conducted jointly by Southern Voices on Adaptation and SLYCAN Trust with support from CARE Denmark.

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