SLYCAN Trust Newsletter - July - August 2020

April 7, 2022

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April 7, 2022

After the long COVID-19 curfew and travel restrictions, SLYCAN Trust is nowback to work in the field--with all proper safety precautions, of course. In Julyand August 2020, we have pursued our ongoing projects on topics includingclimate risk and risk transfer in the agriculture sector, climate-inducedmigration and displacement, mangrove conservation and restoration, theMeatless Monday campaign, adaptation and resilience, coastal and marineecosystems, and human-wildlife conflict.

It has been a busy, but very successful couple of weeks, and we are grateful toour dedicated and motivated team for their efforts and hard work! In particular,we want to welcome our newest team members, five young professionals thathave started in July or August: Ashan, Chalani, Nipun, Thilini, and Thimali.Welcome onboard!

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