SLYCAN Trust unveils ‘Plant-Based Gastronomy: Tales of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Heritage’

January 16, 2024

SLYCAN Trust, a non-profit organisation committed to sustainable development, announced the launch of ‘Plant-Based Gastronomy: Tales of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Heritage’ in collaboration with Cinnamon Colombo Hotels recently. 

This groundbreaking initiative seeks to celebrate Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage through a unique culinary journey that highlights the essence of plant-based cuisine to promote culinary tourism in Sri Lanka. 

The official launch event took place on 17 January at the Atrium, Cinnamon Grand Colombo, bringing together esteemed guests and sustainability advocates to witness the unveiling of this exceptional project. 

‘Plant-Based Gastronomy: Tales of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Heritage’ is an innovative exploration of Sri Lanka’s traditional culinary practices, emphasising the vibrant array of plant-based ingredients deeply rooted in the country’s cultural heritage. 

This collaboration between SLYCAN Trust and Cinnamon Colombo Hotels aims to promote ethical, sustainable, and climate-friendly dining choices while showcasing the diverse flavours and culinary traditions of Sri Lanka. 

Key highlights of the initiative include:

Expanding plant-based food range: Introduction of a dedicated plant-based food corner at the buffet at Plates restaurant at Cinnamon Grand Colombo. This progressive move is designed to cater to the evolving preferences of guests seeking diverse and sustainable dining options. The plant-based food corner hopes to have a carefully-curated selection of culinary delights that celebrate the vibrant flavours and cultural richness of Sri Lanka. 

World-class plant-based culinary experiences: Cinnamon Colombo Hotels hopes to host a world-class vegan chef this year, adding a layer of sophistication and innovation to the initiative, elevating plant-based gastronomy to new heights. Their culinary prowess will ensure that the dishes are not just substitutes for traditional non-vegetarian options but stand on their own merit as delectable creations that appeal to a wide audience. 

Awareness and engagement: SLYCAN Trust, through its EthicalX: Climate & Innovation Hub and Meatless Mondays Sri Lanka initiatives, is committed to promoting ethical, sustainable, and climate-friendly food systems. Cinnamon Colombo Hotels and SLYCAN Trust will work together in creating awareness on food systems work that directly connects with Sri Lanka’s tourism and hospitality industry to promote and scale up awareness and engagement across the island. Both parties will partner in awareness creation activities. 

SLYCAN Trust Global Executive Director Vositha Wijenayake, expressing enthusiasm about the project, stated: “As part of this venture, we will be building partnerships with key stakeholders for promoting ethical, sustainable and climate-friendly food options. Among these plant-based food will be one of our priority areas, including plant-based culinary experiences aimed at enhancing the market for locally-sourced plant-based food as well as promoting Sri Lanka’s culinary heritage. We are extremely happy to partner in this endeavour with Cinnamon Colombo Hotels, and contribute to achieving common objectives.” 

Cinnamon Colombo Hotels Area Vice President and Cinnamon Grand Colombo General Manager Kamal Munasinghe added: “Partnering with institutions promoting culinary tourism, supporting evolving markets, and aligning with those elevating plant-based cuisine in Sri Lanka, we are delighted to collaborate and contribute significantly to the success of this initiative.” 

“Cinnamon Colombo hotels, underlining sustainability and local heritage, work closely with partners to enhance ethical practices and cultivate sustainable consumption experiences. We’re not just fostering a vibrant culinary scene but also catering to the changing preferences of the market,” he added. 

For more information about ‘Plant-Based Gastronomy: Tales of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Heritage,’ please reach out to

About SLYCAN Trust:

SLYCAN Trust is a non-profit think tank dedicated to climate change, sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, animal welfare, and social justice, including gender and youth empowerment. Its work spans national, regional, and global levels, encompassing policy analysis, evidence-based research, and on-the-ground implementation across Asia, Europe and Africa. 

About Cinnamon Colombo Hotels: 

Cinnamon Colombo Hotels is a leading hospitality brand dedicated to providing exceptional guest experiences. Committed to sustainability, Cinnamon Colombo Hotels strives to integrate eco-friendly practices into its operations, contributing to the well-being of the environment and local communities.

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